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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Books: CFA Level 1 (2012) Edition

CFA Level 1 Curriculum 
  | Vol. 1 - 6 | PDF | 2012 |

A committee of practicing CFA charterholders, in conjunction with CFA Institute staff, design the curriculum to deliver the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) to CFA Program candidates.

The curriculum for each exam level is organized into 18 study sessions, including assigned readings, learning outcome statements (LOS), and problem sets.

Vol 1: Ethical and Professional Standards + Quantiative Methods
VOl 2: Economics
Vol 3: Financila Reporting and Analysis
Vol 4: Coporate Finance + Portfolio Management
Vol 5: Equity + Fixed Income
Vol 6: Deravatives + Alternative Investments


hello Sir

While i was going through your downloadable books related to cFA i found that Book 2 part 2 is missing. Kindly upload it. I think the book 1 part 2 is uploaded twice thus the part 2 of book 2 is not available.


Thank you so much for sharing this!

And as mentioned above the CFA L1B2 part 2 is missing , please upload that

for 2012.CFA.L1B2.Part2.pdf

Sir I have many books, related to finance, plz tell me an effective way to do so.

Full version of 2012 CFA Level 1 is available @

My friend your files is no longer avaible... could you upload again?
Thank you so much!!! you are amazing!

Books are no more available kindly provide us new links in order to download

can you please provide the new links.. it would be of great help...

hello, please can you reupload ? I need so much this book

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